Monday, 28 July 2014

The start of planning our wedding

Since Rob asked me to marry him at one minute past midnight, on the 10th of July this year, I have been looking into everything wedding based to get some ideas for our own special day as well as asking friends for advice and help. When I think of one thing they mention five more that I haven't even considered! 

That being said however we do have some things that we definitely know which is helping us along the way. One is that we want to get married in Scotland on the 31st of January 2015. We have chosen that date because it is a unique date for us. It is the one day between our birthdays, mine being the 30th of January and Rob being the 1st of February. 

The second thing we know is that we want to get married in a castle. This has been Rob's dream for a long time and its one that I find truly romantic, even though picking a castle for our big day is hard we are narrowing them down and flying up to Scotland in August to pick the one for us. 

We also know that since neither of us are religious that our ceremony will be a humanist one and we are still looking into who will be marrying us. We have also picked some people who we want to be part of our big day and need to ask more. 

Slowly we are working out what we want and what we don't, like a Borg cube as our wedding cake, even if it looks cool we aren't having one.     

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