Friday, 5 September 2014

Bridesmaids, Wedding dress and all that other fun stuff x

Well another update to our wedding blog to keep all of you informed and looking forward to our big day! The start of the wedding plans is happening which is exciting and fun. Decided on my Maid of honour and my bridesmaids *Drum roll please* Natalie, Nicola and Sam. 

Natalie, who I have known for the past seven years will be my Maid of Honour to which she is super excited about. We met when we started college at the same time and had the same lecturer for our psychology class and just hit it of as friends and remained so ever since. Nicola, as many of you know has been a life long friend of Rob's as they went to school together and have remained great friends over the years. Finally Sam, Rob's little sister (she even has the tattoo to prove it :) she is my soon to be sister in law is my final bridesmaid. I know with these three my live as a bride to be will be silly, fun, full of laughter and excitement, and it might even get a little bit crazy! 

Now that I have my three wonderful ladies I am certainly going to need their help as they are all aware. The past month I have been looking into wedding dresses and finding out lots of things along the way. Which has made me decide to go *somewhere, where no one knows except my bridesmaids and Rob*. My dress is going to remain a mystery to everyone except my bridesmaids until the big day, not even Rob knows what I want, he just knows where I am going. So I am getting them down here for the end of September as that is when my appointment is which I am super excited about and can't wait for.

But of course it is not just one thing happening at a time, no, no life would be boring that way. Rob and I are moving house to somewhere else in Reading within the next few weeks and will be in our new place for just two weeks before we have a house full of guests which we are excited about! But also I have my final essay due for my Open University course and picking my next modules all before we move. Not to forget EMF camp, and of course castle viewing to pick our venue for our big day! Lots of fun exciting times ahead :). 

Lots of Love 
Nikki xxx

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