Wednesday, 5 November 2014

One ring to bind us?

This was started at a draft when the ring first arrived and since then I have been very busy with work, wedding prep and life in general.  To provide some insight, here is the post now finished.

I am sorry but being a geek I could not fail to at least make some "One ring" joke so I figured I would get that over and done with in the title.

The ring finally arrived on Saturday ages ago which is fantastic.  I could not be more excited about this unless I was Nikki, she was ever so slightly more excited.  I guess first there should be some pictures...

So why did the ring take so long to arrive given we were engaged *weeks* ago.  Well the simple answer is I decided before asking Nikki to marry me that this is something we should work on together and I am very glad that we went down this path.

Rewind about a year and I had started looking into engagement rings.  I had an idea what I thought was a nice ring and the internet was great at providing images.  After a few months I had a fairly firm idea what was going to be the perfect ring.  However as many things do in this life this required money and at the time this was in short supply.  I could have just asked earlier and been happy with any ring and there is no doubt in my mind this would not have changed at thing.  We would still be getting married and we would still be happy together.  All the important things would still be right.  I have this silly notion in my head that old sayings have meaning, like wisdom passed down from the ages.  From the old notion that an engagement ring should cost $x * $monthly_salary I have taken to mean the general idea is that you should be able to support yourself and your partner before getting any ideas of getting married.  This while not exactly how I feel about the whole thing I personally feel is still generally a good idea.  If your life is chaotic and so messy that saving up for even a simple ring is beyond your bounds then maybe you should not be trying to attach your life to someone else for all eternity.

Enough of my crazy notions and back to the ring.  Once I had the money together and some sort of a plan on what I wanted to do I started looking into what ring I would like.  I spent a lot of time researching and not a lot of action which I guess is very typical me.  By the time I had gotten around to the action part and found a ring maker I liked the timings were getting a bit tight.  On my first chat with Rare Pink the ever lovely and patient Sean suggested the idea of a placeholder ring.  Maybe either something like what I wanted to buy or just a simple ring that could then be replaced.  I am very happy I went for this option as the ring you see above is nothing like the one I would have chosen and I am very happy we took a more modern approach and worked on the ring together.

I cannot recommend Rare Pink enough, while of course the company name held some personal appeal for me it was Sean that put me at ease and we had a great time doing the initial design chat and everything was just as we had expected.

While the above ring might look quite simple like the both of us there is something a little special underneath.  At the foot of the diamond is a garnet on one side and an amethyst on the other.  One stone for each of us.  What I love about this is what it says, while each we are small and we bring colour to the equation together we are a great big sparkling light.

Anyhoo, more coming very shortly all.

Peace, love and happiness.

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