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No, please, do not buy us things.  Simple Eh.

A very common question we get is "Do you have a wedding list" and the simple answer is no, we do not.  The reason for this is we are experts in buying stuff.  More to the point I am an expert impulse buyer with poor impulse control.  This and given the fact we have been living together for over three years in sin means we have mostly all of the various gadgets and accessories associated with modern living.  We have a very nice toaster, just to be very clear on this fact.

However we understand that people will insist on the spending of money, I hear it makes the world go round or something like that.  If you do insist on spending your hard earned money on things here is our preferred options for doing so.

Charity donations

I was always taught that charity work is something that is done quietly without any fuss.  It is not something to be paraded around like a shiny pony.  While this does not quite fit with the modern charity work that many people do and my general 'Don't deny the awesome' attitude to life there it is.

However against that I figured this is a great way to get the charities we love some support, so below are some links.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation have been going for a very long time and for the geeks on reading this it will be no surprise they are on this list.  However for the less geeky non-card-carrying-members all I can say about the EFF is they are fighting for our freedoms every day.  They might not be saving babies in Africa or trying to cure cancer but their work is very important and they do make the world a better place.


PDSA help pets in need.  In a country where we all claim to love pets it turns out taking care of a pet is an expensive business and sadly last time I was in A&E the NHS were not taking in dogs or cats.  The PDSA provide this service so given you all spend too much time looking at cute cat and dog videos online please help keep them happy and healthy with a donation to the PDSA.

Open Rights Group

Like the EFF, the Open Rights Group are busy fighting for our digital freedoms.  In the case of ORG however they are more focused on the UK and the EU.  They do great work to try and curb the worst ideas our government have in trying to watch every single thing we do.  On the count you could of course suggest they have failed and if you are that way inclined then even more reason to fund the ORG.


Yorkhill take care of sick kids.  I am not sure much more really needs said about them.  That alone is enough to give them your money so do it, now :)  Yes of course the NHS should, and does, the job of taking care of sick kids but there is a lot more to healing children than just medical care and that is where places like Yorkhill come in.

Give to the charity of your choice

While the four above are our suggestions they are not the only charities out there and we would both be just has happy if you gave to any other charity.  Do not feel you have to tell us who, make the donation in our name or tell us how much we are just happy that you have.

And finally

Finally if you really must give us something other than your time and love during the event then we would ask for a small donation to our honeymoon.  We are currently planning on a lovely tour of the north of Norway with these people as it sounds pretty much magical.  As I hate taking time away from work it will likely only be for a week but we are hoping to make it a very lovely week to remember.  We also intend to take another week later in the year to either Vancouver or Cuba or both as it would be lovely to see Cuba before Ronald McDonald and his friends break into the country and change it forever.

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