Dress code

Wow this could not be a more boring topic but since even my mother asked for this one here it is.  The dress code is as follows.

You may wear what ever you are going to be comfortable in.

Simple eh, well maybe not.  What to remember above all is others will also be doing the same and as such you need to not only be physically comfortable but emotionally comfortable too.  Please ensure this is going to be the case as we do not want any tears before bed time because you decided your favourite unicorn onesie was a good idea then got unhappy when you noticed everyone else is in Mario Bros onesies.  Of course I would think it would be amazing if someone turns up in a unicorn onesie.

Nicola will of course have a dress on which as far as I know is basically made out of magic it is so secret.

I (Rob) will have an Argyll kilt outfit on with the new Lazzurs tartan including a fly plaid.

As always please just get in touch with either of us as we would love to hear from you.

Peace, love and happiness.

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