Invites, guest list and children!

So we have finally sent out the invites and hopefully you will have yours soon!

Many I have addressed as "and guest" or "+ guest". For those of you that have a partner I apologise, some of you that are attending I don't know and it was me writing out the envelopes :). 

For those of you that need a plus and I didn't address it to you with a plus one, don't worry! If you need a plus one then please just ask and it can hopefully be arranged. We still have time but please do it ASAP!!! 

Children are more than welcome but again please let me know! I know I have asked some people if their little ones are attending but I haven't asked everyone and so please tell me!! It is very much appreciated :-).

Finally if everyone can just confirm they they are or aren't coming that would be very helpful and would make my life a little less stressful! 

Lots of love 

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