Transport to and from the venue!

Okay so I know many are travelling up for Rob and I's special day and we can't wait to see you! But not all of you drive so I know you may have transportation troubles as Fingask is nearly in the middle of nowhere.

So anyone that needs help with transportation give me the heads up, as I need to know and I will get something in place to help get you to the venue and back. I may not be able to help everyone but I will certainly try my best!! I will also have details of who, where, and when you are getting to Fingask hopefully by the 21st/22nd, if that's okay.

I know I have already spoken to some about transport for the Friday afternoon as well :).

Lots of love
Nikki x


  1. I need transport to/from the airport. I've already sent my flight details.

    Many Thanks!